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UCPR™ = Ultra Clear, Projector Ready
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Our digital polymer film will make your existing glass wirelessly. switchable ON/OFF
Push-button privacy, erasable whiteboard, and rear projector screen in one.

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Use calculator lower on this page to calculate area of each glass panel in in2 or mm2. Use THIS form for your RFQ. We will give you the best possible price based on order size. After you pay we start production. We will contact you with final adjustments in 7-14 days, after production but before shipping (if these are not known in advance).

Install adhesive UCPR™ PDLC film
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This video was made to explain adhesive film installation; the comments in the same video provide tips for installing non-adhesive film. If you order switchable glass, installation should be done by a qualified and insured professional.

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The best way to make sales is by showing it in action. Use the form to begin signup process and give us an estimate of the initial order in m2 or square feet that you intend to use as a demo for your clients. We will respond with further instructions.

Benefits of UCPR™ PDLC video
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This video explains the advantages of the Ultra Clear Projection Ready™ privacy and projection features from a business perspective. If you are a reseller and want to order a similar video with your information in it, contact us. We are fanatic about supporting our resellers.

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POLYMER SWITCHABLE FILM: Non-adhesive film is available an 1800mm wide. Adhesive film is 1500mm wide. The length is unlimited for both film types, but special arrangements must be made for length over 25 meters. Roll purchase is not for everyone; most of our customers and resellers prefer that we actually cut film to size and install the bus bar (electric contacts). This makes the installation plug-and-play for you.

POLYMER SWITCHABLE GLASS: For the demanding customer who wants the best, we sell tempered laminated smart glass cut to your precise requirements. We can do 60 or 90 degree cuts, perforate holes for accessories, and more at a very affordable price. You select the thickness of the glass on both sides, and we engineer the laminate layers in the middle (the thickness of the film and adhesive layers has to be taken into consideration also). With us you just order and forget it, we do the rest. High moisture environments (shower doors, bathrooms, outdoor, no climate control) must use the glass.

PROJECTION MEDIA: After you set yourself up with smart film or smart glass, the very next thing you may want to try is to turn your switchable film/glass surface into a projection screen. If this is the outside of your building, find out if there are any local regulations regarding billboard advertising and obtain the proper permits. Then talk to us about what projector may be suitable, and about producing video ads designed for large rear projection screens. We work with The Hartford Film Academy; we know cinema. We are managed by the Option Quest Group (Incentive Server); we know advertising. Don't settle for mediocre. When Hollywood films in CT, they choose us. Perhaps we can film your presentation too.

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Non-adhesive film is very easy to install and remove.

Adhesive film installation is more meticulous

and it is permanent (removal may damage the film).

The decision between glass, adhesive or non-adhesive depends on where you install it.

Call us to discuss end use before ordering.

Why RG UCPR™ film?
The Power of Research

We are polymer manufacturing experts since 2007 across various industries.

As innovators in the field of polymers, we took the electric smart switchable PDLC film to the next level by enhancing our product to have higher tolerances and performance. We offer both adhesive and non-adhesive superior quality film, as well as digital PDLC switchable laminated tempered glass. We also have color film (not by adding a surface tint but literally colored film, not white).

FACTS: Our UCPR™ film has many uniquely distinct advantages that make it better than other products in the market. SCROLL BELOW TO SEE BENEFITS.

Responsive Glass UCPR™ Film is Corrosion Proof, eliminating the need to leave 3-5mm blank spaces around the sides of the film.


UCPR™ - high clarity, any size!With other brands, their small sample behaves better, and large production film is hazy due to narrow viewing angle.


Humidity will split or damage other brands. UCPR™ can work well even after soaking in water for several months. Right choice for humid environments!


Shrinkage is the biggest hidden trouble of smart films. Shrunken smart film will lose part of its functional area.UCPR™ - no shrinkage!


Smart film damage mainly comes from 3 factors including corrosion, temperature difference and aging in normal use.UCPR™ - weather resistant!


Other brands will break down instantly under high voltage. UCPR™ film withstands 3 times the rated 220V voltage.UCPR™ - high voltage tolerance!


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I have been extremely impressed with ResponsiveGlass.com. It is a pleasure working
with this
higly creative and inovative team.

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What People
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I love Responsive Glass. Absolutely amazing results and experience on a huge project.
They foster an environment where you interact with
incredible talent!

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